ADIFF x Greece for the CFDA
For the CFDA Launch Pad, Adiff explored setting up manufacturing facilities in Greece to employ refugees in their operations. Adiff was awarded $55,000 to take this concept to the next phase

ADO x Storyboard for Surface Magazine
Centered around an installation called "Spirit of the City," which was designed by London-based firm United Visual Artists, we invited Brooklyn dance phenom Storyboard P to interact with it.
DP Assist: Andrew Daugherty


X is for Love by Reddymade for Times Square Arts
For the annual Valentine’s Day commission by Times Square Alliance, Reddymade made a structure in the shape of a X. This video captures the process and concept behind the structure.

Adidas Spec Shoot (Personal Project)
This high-energy spec incorporates the idea of New York City as a gym and mirrors it with the intensity of a workout in a traditional gym.
Talent: Dennis Klaffert
Co-director/DP and Edits: Justin Lee
Wardrobe: Queena Yan