Photo by Melody Kim

About Me:

I grew up to missionary parents in four different countries and eventually ended up in New York City for college. While studying in business school and consequently working at tech startups, I felt a creative void and began to dabble in photography on the side. Photography increasingly consumed my thoughts and I found myself photographing whenever I had free time - lunch breaks, weekends, nights, and so on. Over time, I realized my pursuit of photography was providing more meaning and excitement than my startup career, so I left the corporate world to pursue photography full time.

I’m a pragmatic idealistic - I’m driven to find ways to attain the ideal. I want to change the world and believer that change happens in small steps. I believe kindness is more important than most other qualities. I'm deeply interested in different cultures, and the underlying themes of love and acceptance that connect people around the world. I’m passionate about technology, personal finance, sustainable development, podcasts, soccer and good coffee.

I am drawn to the human element. My work blends an editorial style with commercial polish, around a strong central emphasis on humanness. Everyone in the world is unique, and I strive to capture the individuality and spirit of the people whom I photograph. Stylistically, I’m drawn to natural and organic moments as they reveal themselves. I look for beautiful and unconventional lighting, whether as found or constructed, to bring clarity and elegance to a scene.

Drawing from my diverse experiences growing up in various cultures, I approach people with understanding and empathy. As a deep observer and listener, I love discovering people’s personalities and perspectives, which then informs the shooting process. I believe I make the best photographs when there’s constant dialogue and collaboration with my subjects.

Select Clients:
WeWork, Airbnb, Philosophy, Lancome, Harry's, Linkedin, M.Gemi, Catbird, Pilot Fiber, True Ventures, Cantu

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