About Emanuel:

As a third culture kid, I grew up in South Korea, Singapore and Cambodia and ended up in New York City for college. While attending business school and consequently working in the startup world, I dabbled in photography as an escape from the hectic business world. In the process, I fell in love with photography and decided to ditch my corporate life to pursue photography full time. It's been a great transition! 

I specialize in portrait, commercial and lifestyle photography. My work is inspired by beautiful light, unconventional viewpoints and candid moments. I strives to capture natural and organic moments as they reveal themselves in the pursuit of clarity. Drawing from my diverse experiences growing up in various cultures, I approach my photography subjects with a deep attempt to understand and empathize them.

Beyond photography, I am deeply interested in early stage technology companies (I worked at bitcoin startup!) , sustainable development around the world, travel, podcasts, great design and good coffee.

Select Clients:
- WeWork
- Airbnb
- Philosophy
- Catbird
- Pilot Fiber
- True Ventures
- Cantu
- M.Gemi

For commissions or collaborations, please email hello@emanuelhahn.com

Photo by Jackie Luo