Photo by Julia Hembree

I am drawn to the human element. My work blends an editorial style with commercial polish, around a strong central emphasis on humanness. Stylistically, I’m drawn to natural and organic moments as they reveal themselves. I look for beautiful and unconventional lighting, whether as found or constructed, to bring clarity and elegance to a scene.

Drawing from my diverse experiences growing up in various cultures, I approach people with understanding and empathy. As a deep observer and listener, I love discovering people’s personalities and perspectives, which then informs the shooting process. The best photographs happen when there’s constant dialogue and collaboration with my subjects.

Select Clients:
Airbnb, Harry's, Lancôme, Linkedin, Philosophy, WeWork, Tiffany & Co., O.N.S. Clothing, M.Gemi, Catbird, Pilot Fiber, True Ventures, NEA Ventures

Select Publications:
New York Times, Surface Magazine, The Atlantic, Huffington Post

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